Firas Kazma Mentions Few Emirati Dishes To Add in Your Checklist When in The UAE

The Emirates is a paradise for food lovers. With multiple cuisines being served in some of the best restaurants, it is easy to forget the heritage of the UAE. Moreover, the food of UAE is full of flavour when it comes to the local Emirati cuisine and the other culture’s cuisines that shook the Emirati food scene.

Tasting the typical dishes of the region which reflect its geography, culture and climate is one thing you must do while visiting UAE. Here’s a list of some of the most famous dishes and where to eat them.

Where to eat the best Shawarma in UAE?

Let me just put it out here, no matter how well your local middle-eastern food outlet would make your shawarma; it just cannot be comparable with the authentic shawarmas found in the streets of UAE. It is a non-vegetarian delicacy which has sliced chicken, lamb or beef (depending on what you ask for) and is served by rolling in a soft flatbread. It is filled with fresh vegetables, onions and various sauces that make the shawarmas something out of this mortal world.

Place you can eat the best shawarma in: Al Mallah, Dubai

Where to eat the best sandwich in Dubai?

Sandwich is one of the undiscovered gems of the Emirates that not a lot of tourists have discovered. Moreover, it is extremely popular with the locals and can be easily found in any middle-eastern food joint. It is again a non-vegetarian dish with thinly sliced chicken pieces stuffed in the flatbreads. Filled with many spices, herbs, vegetables and pickles, the sandwich is a perfect combination of spicy and savoury.

Place you can eat the best shawarma in: Mezza House, Dubai

Where to eat the best Manakish in Dubai?

Manakish is a local’s favourite dish. This is a very popular Lebanese snack. It is a flatbread filled with cheese and is cooked in a huge oven. Loads of cheese. You can add any vegetable, meats or oils and spices on the top. Did I mention cheese?


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